What do the stars hold for India?

Suddenly, things are looking good for India. The rest of the world is looking at her as their new best friend, the Sensex has zoomed through the 18,000 mark, our cricket team is doing well and we are not doing too badly in chess, hockey, football and billiards either.
Indian business is looking to make a worldwide imprint (IT, Arcelor, Corus...), while her business leaders are making their presence felt on the list of the World's Richest People.

Okay, so we are not doing too well on the political scene, what with the Left threatening to pull the rug from under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government and the recent crisis in Karnataka. The glow in the economy has not percolated downwards; 70 per cent of India still survives on less than Rs 20 a day.

Under the circumstances, what does the future have in store for India? We asked India's well-known astrologers what they predict for the country.



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