This General horoscope astrology report is a must for everyone during the New Year, irrespective of the profession or field a person is in!

Based on the unique tenets of Dasha Vichar or planetary periods of Vedic Astrology, our astrologers will give you a detailed prediction encompassing almost every aspect of life for you during the year . This annual horoscope astrology forecast report gives an overview of what is in store for you during the year as well as an analysis of the Sub sub-periods that will be in operation in during the year.

Once the ups and downs are known, and duration of each period, you will be able to take better decisions, for e.g. avoid a proactive approach during the unfavourable time frames while encashing the favourable ones to the fullest. In this matter the saying of a great savant is very true - the best way to get out of trouble is not to get into trouble itself. Patanjali the author of the Yoga Sutras offered a timely aphorism: "Avoid the danger that has not come yet". This annual horoscope astrology forecast report is precisely a step in that direction.

As a bonus during the New Year - The Year Ahead Annual Horoscope Astrology Forecasts Report has a provision for specifying two concern areas or most important expectations from the year ahead for comment by our Astrologers after verifying the same with your Astrological signatures.

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