The Words From Fingers

The entire universe lies within your ten fingers. Other than simple work, fingers are associated with Reiki, Palmistry, Language, Magic and so on. The fingers are our unique instrument of expression and sensation.

The fingers on our hands are our great blessings. With our fingers we work, play, love, learn, communicate, heal, express our deepest feelings, build our civilizations and create our greatest works of art.

Our fingers and our emotions are linked together in our literature, music, fine arts, and religious teachings. Most of the things, which we think we are able to do with our hands, are actually done with the help of the fingers.

How do they do?

All our finger movements are controlled by a tough set of fibers called tendons, which run like a system of pulley cords from finger, hand and wrist bones to the muscles that operate them according to Evan McLeod.

Any sixth finger is considered as symbol of good luck. The thumb operating independently from the other four fingers is the busiest and most important of all the digits. Because of the thumb’s unique ability to cross over and link up with any one of the other fingers for a pinch, grab, we can get along with one thumb and one other finger, or even just the stump of another finger.

The middle finger is the strongest, followed in order by the index finger, the fourth finger and the little finger. Fingers two and three are the fastest of the five. The little finger is the slowest, but teachers of music and typewriting to be the least receptive to training because of an innate strong weakness measure finger four.

One finger cannot do much all by itself but when in a group they form a strong and powerful fist. "Unity is strength". I accept it. This is symbol of team spirit in management. They produce much more than what they would do if they worked individually.

You hold the pen or the pencil with your fingers but in some cases you may write with the fingers too. Further, don’t you use your fingers writing on the sand on seashore? Got the buzz for Pat Boone’s song! - ‘Writing Love Letter in the Sand.’

A child learns to count with the help of fingers. Blind people read Braille with the help of their fingers. Who cannot talk to express themselves finer create alphabet for them. Communication with others with the help of fingers is known as dactylology. You press the buttons on mobile, in the lift and other instruments with your fingers.

Any kind of work such as like sewing, typing and painting a picture, in whatever I do I use my fingers. You hear music with the help of your ear but the person play musical instruments with his fingers. The surgeon’s shill les in the dexterity of his fingers says Clifford Martis.

Naming Fingers

In language of Indian dance, fingers are well identified with names. Probably names are derived from Sanskrit and have own mythological stories.

Finger >> In Sanskrit

Thumb >> Angushta
Index finger >> Tarjani
Middle finger >> Madhyama
Ring finger >> Anamika
Little finger >> Kanishtika

As thumb up is a sign of encouragement or victory, similarly, fingers are used for expressing various "Mudras" in traditional dances. A Mudra (Sanskrit word meaning sign or seal) is a gesture or position, usually of the hands, that locks and guides energy flow and reflexes to the brain. From the little finger to the thumb: each finger represents earth, metal, fire, wood, and water, respectively.

The entire universe lies within your ten fingers and it is also said that there is an infinite number of Mudras although they are just 10. Mudras can be used both for meditation and healing.

Reiki, Fingers and Mudras

There is a lot of importance of fingers in Reiki. By pressing or squeezing the sides of the fingers, according to your needs, you can affect both the emotion and the corresponding organ.

The thumb represents the element earth, the stomach and worry.

The index finger represents the element metal, the lungs, the large intestine and the emotions depression, sadness and grief.

The middle finger is the element fire, the heart, small intestine, circulatory and respiratory systems; the emotions are impatience and hastiness.

The ring finger is the element wood and is connected to the liver, gall bladder, nervous system and corresponds to anger.

The little finger corresponds to water, the kidneys and fear.

Our fingers are the best and noblest is touching, feeling and caressing says Clifford Martis. We express love, care and concern with the help of our fingers!

Palmistry & Fingers

The shapes and sizes of fingers and nails are important aspects of palmistry. A long-fingered person is analytical and academic, liking to study things in detail. A person with markedly short fingers is very practical and intuitive, liking to go with their gut instinct. When the hands are in proportion it shows a balanced personality.

1. Forefinger represents confidence, ego, ambition and drive.
2. Middle finger represents discipline and balance.
3. Ring finger represents emotional expression and creativity.
4. Little finger represents communication.

Fingers – The Language

No doubts fingers have proved the work of lips too. Fingers have become voice for deaf, dumb and blind. Helen Keller said, "Once I knew only darkness and stillness... my life was without past or future... but a little word from the fingers of another fell into my hand that clutched at emptiness, and my heart leaped to the rapture of living."

The utilization differs in every case. It depends on you. Either you play, write, sign, put on piano, get rhythm & sound or eat. Because you have different fingers!



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