How to remove Ants from Home

Dear Frends

There is very easy way to make ants run away from your home.

From Long time i used to get problem outside my door and inside of my door in both corner there were plenty of red ants gathering with lot of sands & very very thin size of stones. I used to clean those corner area very frequently but i found in next 4 - 5 days again so much ants and good amount of sand.

Once i used pesticide and killed many ants (arround 10000) and got relef for arround 60 - 70 days. After that again the same thing started happening. I decided to not kill ants and would find some natural way to remove them from my house.

I searched on Internet and many books about nature of ants and all. I found they hate smell. I had Baby Powder (Talcum Powder) with smell, sprayed arround my door corner inside and outside in night and when i wokp in morning i found there were no ants their. I removed dust and sand from the corner of my door and till now there is no single ant mooving their arround.

I told the same to my Elder sister whos too suffering from the same problem at my native place. Since she is staying in Raw House i thought it might work or not as I am residing in flat.

She tried at her Raw House and found ants are running out in not more than 15 - 20 minutes after spraying Powder (Talcum Powder). Next day she called me and thanked me for this as this was huge relef for her since there in my native place there is lot of issues of Small Ants and Carpenter Ants. She said she will spread this to every one their to get quick relef from ants without kiling them.



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