About the Company

Business Enhancement

Our business enhancement solutions are aimed at generating profitable returns for our customers by assisting them in enhancing their sales.


We are the first to provide online solution for more than 25 industries at one doorstep.


A Mall
Get Everything at one place.  HUNTAS is made, targeting all the version of people ranging from Export, Industrial or End user. All can drawn maximum benefit in terms of Information, space, Uses or network.


We started operating through 75 offices and their networks spread throughout
India, including its head office and development center in Mumbai, India and 3 Overseas Offices including Dubai, Syria and United Kingdom


B2B Marketplace Services
We own & maintain
India's largest B2B marketplace - HUNTAS.com and over 50 other industry specific marketplaces, which attract focused business visitors.


 Mailing & Communication

We offer "fully managed" mailing solutions that include management of mailing system, online virus & spam protection and streamlining business communication.

Online Troubleshooting
HUNTAS came up with the idea of giving online solution for more than 25 industries including Agriculture, Computers, Lubricants etc.


If you have a deep desire to learn and will to work as a team, we offer you the best growth opportunities. Hard work and innovation are the key to success here.




About Huntas
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